Home Owners' Associations


New LWV-Texas Position: Homeowners Association Reform
Delegates at the 2012 LWV-Texas Convention voted to adopt a position on Texas home owners’ associations, through concurrence with a position reached by LWV-Houston Area after considerable study and member support. Adoption now will make it possible for LWV-Texas to advocate for changes in laws pertaining to homeowners associations at the state level. 

The adopted position supports unreasonable foreclosure on homesteads, priority of payments so that assessments apply first to delinquent dues before items like interest and penalties, homeowner access to meetings and records of the association, and secret ballots in association elections.

Members who live in areas covered by a homeowners association might keep this new position in mind as it pertains to their situations. When the 84th Texas Legislature convenes in January 2014, your issues and challenges with your HOA may be candidates for legislative change.

Summary of LWV-Texas Position

 Support changes in Texas law governing mandatory homeowner associations which would protect against unreasonable foreclosure, assure priority of payments, ensure secret ballots and assure that homeowners have access to meetings and records.