Grant to Pay for Application for Citizenship

League of Women Voters of Tyler/ Smith County 

Announces Citizenship Application Grant

The League of Women Voters of Tyler/ Smith County (League) is pleased to announce its first Citizenship Application Grant. Application for the grant is open to any legal immigrant seeking U S citizenship. Funding for the grant this year is provided to the League under a grant from the League of Women Voters Education Fund as part of their Public Advocacy for Voter Protection progam.

The $500 citizenship application grant is intended to offset part of the citizenship application fee paid to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service when a person applies for citizenship. Therefore, all grant applicants must meet US citizenship requirements. Grant monies will be paid to the USCIS on behalf of the citizenship grant winner.

“We are excited to be able to offer this citizenship grant," said League President, Marilyn Wills. "It's a first for us, and we think for the Tyler area. We believe this grant will become a valuable addition to the Tyler/Smith County community and we look forward to being able to offer it in the future as a permanent part of the League's programs.”

Applications for the grant are available at the Literacy Council of Tyler, located on the Tyler Junior College West Campus and can be downloaded at right. Applications must be received by the League on or before November 30, 2017. The winner will be announced in December 2017. 


Grant Request

A  cover letter and grant request form are available through the Literacy Council of Tyler, or you may download through links above. Winner of the award must submit a letter of appreciation to the League of Women Voters. Download a copy here.

Request letter must be postmarked by November 30, 2017 Send to:

The League of Women Voters of Tyler/Smith County Citizenship Grant

  • P O Box 6271 
  • Tyler, TX 75711

Or by Email: